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If you are highly motivated, aim to advance exciting and innovative neuroscience projects, and pay utmost attention to the quality of your work, then we want you to join our group.


Applying to our group

We are looking for talented lab members with diverse backgrounds in areas of neuroscience and cell biology. You can relate to our goal of investigating synaptic biology and want to combine different methodologies and levels of thinking about your work? And you have at least one first-author paper? Then apply. In addition to providing your CV, please describe in your application what aspects of neuroscience you are most interested in, how our research fits your long-term interests, and which of our ongoing directions are most attractive to you.

Why Join

Reasons to join our group

Our research is multidisciplinary and each of us integrates multiple approaches in our projects, ranging from molecular and cellular studies up to in vivo models. This is guided by our perspective that in order to gain understanding, you have to work on multiple levels and do the central experiments yourself. This allows you not only to lead your project and integrate the results but also to make sense of any new evidence you didn’t expect. To enable lab members to build their projects and reach their goals, we emphasize a highly cooperative atmosphere within our group and have strong collaboration partners.

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Fellows

If you are interested in joining our lab as a postdoctoral fellow, please submit your application directly to Dr. Thomas Biederer. Please refer to the section above for more information about the application requirements.

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