Katie WattersGraduate Student

136 Harrison Avenue, Office: Arnold 205
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

Phone: 617-636-3406
Email: katherine.watters@tufts.edu
Connect: LinkedIn


M.S., Biology, San Jose State University, 2016
B.A., Psychology, University of California Santa Cruz, 2010

Short Biography

During my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz I worked in Dr. Jean FoxTree’s psycholinguistic laboratory researching the extent to which synesthesia is present in the general population. Next, I went on to obtain my Masters in Dr. Miri VanHoven’s neurogenetic laboratory at San José State University studying the molecular mechanisms of synaptic partner recognition, a crucial step of neural circuit formation. In the Biederer lab, I continue with my studies of the molecular mechanisms governing CNS development and my current work focuses on characterizing the role of SynCAM2 in synapse formation, function, and maintenance

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